Club 1082 Montreal

We also went to a club in Montreal last weekend (1082).  It was interesting: large and an odd combination of public spaces and private spaces.  The public spaces included a very nice hot tub (communal, nude); a nice but normal sized sauna (same deal); a fairly cool bar (must wear towel..?); a lounge area (porn showing, not clear if it was OK to play there); a very respectable food offering…

There was an open “private room” that was definitely for sex and had a strange chit system to avoid “selling drinks” in the area with sex.  Nobody talked to anybody they didn’t already know.  We went to the “fantasy room” and had sex: but no false modesty, I think we were the only attractive people there and I think at least two shifts of observing couples (couples only) got off watching us, which works for us, but isn’t quite what you’d hope for.

Carolyn spent the week there and I think she’s going to take advantage of the price structure to get some free sauna time.

Men: $60
Couples: $30
Single women: free.

Yes, nice free hot tub and sauna (and, being canada, a tanning bed) just for being a naked attraction to single guys who are subsidizing it but are way too timid to even say a word.

There were some extras too, access to the “fantasy room” was another $35 or something.  You can also rent rooms for a relatively reasonable rate – $200 for a nice room for the night, but also by the hour.

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