About Erotic Anarchy

Erotic Anarchy is my personal site where I post videos of me and some of my intimate friends doing what I love doing, with people I enjoy doing it with and sharing it in a way that I enjoy.  I’m a real person, not AI, not syndicated: if you don’t like it, please feel free to browse elsewhere, no hard feelings, but if you do like it, if you get feeling hard or wet, if you enjoy what you see, let me know… better yet, show me.  I’m very bi and very open and while I love to perform, don’t expect me to start the conversation. I do like to be the center of attention, but that works whether it is one on one, two on one, or more on me: just make me cum, that’s all.

Feel free to leave comments.  Feel free to send me pictures (especially women and couples), you can reach out in comments here or on Mastodon at https://net4sw.com/@sandy