Maria Beatty’s The Elegant Spanking

The Elegant Spanking is a black and white, silent (with cards) movie about an afternoon between a mistress and her slave, a beautiful maid.  The story line beings with the mistress amusing herself in front of a mirror, eventually masturbating with a string of pearls, as her maid watches while arranging flowers.  The tension mounts as the maid joins the mistress, with much foot licking and pee drinking (and a little tea drinking too as a plot device).

The climax of the movie revolves around the mistress punishing the maid with an ethusiastic spanking and pedal stimulation of the maid.  After the mistress dresses and leaves the maid relives her afternoon while licking the pearls.

Maria Beatty’s movies are very different than typical pornographic films, they’re arty and have good music.  The women tend to be more “natural” than in mainstream porn.  The sex is explicit and fairly clearly shot, though the movie structure does not follow the standard porn movie “sufficiently long” sex scene/minor break/next “sufficiently long” sex scene model.   This is a short film, about 30 minutes.  I did not see The Black Glove, the other feature on the DVD.


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