Nurse Me

Nurse Me DVD

Nurse me is one of the better Hentai titles: the animation is pretty good for the genre, there is a comprehensible story, and there’s a lot of sex.

On the downside, most of the sex is non-consensual, though the story arc is predicated on the heroine discovering heretofore unknown sexual predilections and thus the non-consensual humiliation and sexual degradation to which she is subjected a journey of self-discovery.  One would not have to be an angry feminist to characterize the premise as a male fantasy with little grounding in reality.

The story line has some complexities which make it stand out, there is a conflict (yes, a real psuedo-literary conflict) between the protagonists desire to live up to the model of the nurse who gave care to her favorite uncle and the demands placed on her by the training program to which she has enroled that she might achieve the (literally) saintly objective.

This sainthood is something of a black mass, repleate with enemas, lacivious head surgeons taking her virginity, more experienced lesbian nurses, and low-class rapists (who get their “cumuppance” in the form of a martial art’s coin throw to the erect genetilia).  Still, the heroine is a good nurse and takes each trial in stride and explicit detail (without censoring).


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